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Newport Outdoor Bench
Newport Outdoor Bench
Brand : Greenington
Price : $538$470
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What is Coastal Style?

Coastal style is a design aesthetic that takes inspiration from the seaside and captures the breezy, relaxed atmosphere of coastal living. It reflects the colors, textures, and ambiance of beachfront homes, creating a serene and inviting environment.

Coastal style furniture is characterized by its light and airy feel. It embraces a color palette inspired by nature, featuring shades of whites, creams, soft blues, and sandy neutrals. These hues evoke the tranquility of the ocean, while also reflecting the brightness of coastal landscapes. Weathered or whitewashed finishes on wood furniture add a touch of rustic charm.

Natural materials are central to coastal style furniture. Light-toned woods, such as pine or bamboo, are commonly used, lending a sense of warmth and organic beauty. Rattan, wicker, and seagrass are often incorporated to add texture and a coastal flair. Fabrics are chosen for their durability and ability to withstand sandy feet and salty air, with options like cotton, linen, or slipcovers in relaxed patterns.

Coastal style furniture creates a serene and inviting atmosphere, transporting the essence of coastal living into any space. Whether in a beachfront home or a landlocked dwelling, coastal style brings a sense of relaxation, tranquility, and a connection to nature. It captures the spirit of coastal living, allowing you to create your personal oasis by the sea, no matter where you are.