Nestingale makes it simple to bring your dream home to life, no matter your budget. We provide everything you need to accomplish your home decor goals, including easy-to-use digital tools, design ideas and inspiration, personalized recommendations, access to professionals, and the ability to order furniture and accessories right from our website.


There’s just three easy steps to achieving your dream home:
  1. Discover your style: Take our 2 minute style quiz to determine your unique personal style and we’ll provide personalized design recommendations tailored to your unique preferences and taste.
  2. Ensure the perfect fit: Scan your rooms with our easy-to-use, immersive mobile app to accurately visualize your home, create 3d virtual room plans, and have confidence that the items you select will fit perfectly and beautifully.
  3. Design with confidence:  Explore our design recommendations, ideas, and tips to discover the perfect furnishings for your space, and then easily shop and order furniture directly from our site. All items ship for free and will be delivered in 5-8 business days.


Frequently asked questions:

How is Nestingale different from other design services?

Nestingale simplifies interior design and home decor, making it quick and easy to accomplish your home decoration goals, in much less time and for much less cost than traditional options. 

We provide a one stop shop for homeowners throughout their design journey, from helping you discover your style, to providing design inspiration, we help you reimagine your homes through personalized and curated design recommendations, cutting-edge tools to let you immersively view recommendations in your own spaces, and by helping you find trusted products and service providers to confidently bring your vision to life. We pride ourselves on making the whole design process extremely simple, stress-free, and affordable, while delivering an exceptional customer experience.


How much does Nestingale cost?

The Nestingale platform, including our mobile app and all of our tools to help you visualize and design your spaces, is 100% free for homeowners. You only pay for products and services that you decide to purchase.


What devices are compatible with your service?

Currently, our services are available through a wide variety of devices, which include desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices, and we have multiple options for visualizing your space. If you have an Apple iPhone Pro or iPad Pro, our mobile app uses the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology in the Apple Pro models to allow you to easily scan and visualize your rooms in 3D. 

If you do not have an Apple Pro device, no problem! You can alternately use our floor plan editor to create your room layout with a few easy steps, and then it will generate a 3D representation of your room dynamically. Additionally, we recommend using a Chrome browser for the best experience across our website. 

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we have a mobile app for IOS users that is available in the apple store. Use our app to scan your rooms and create accurate 3D, virtual room plans in minutes. You can download our app in the Apple app store.

The Nestingale app pairs with, so once you've scanned your rooms with the app, you can use our website to get design recommendations matched to your personal style, complete your designs, and purchase your selected items directly from top manufacturers. 


Where do you source your furniture and accessories?

We have partnered directly with top-of-the-line manufacturers and suppliers to cut out the middleman and provide our customers with direct access to the highest quality products, at the most competitive prices available. These manufacturers sell directly to national furniture retailers such as Crate & Barrel, West Elm, etc, but with Nestingale, you can buy directly from them in order to save up to 25% compared to what you would pay at retail stores. You can view the brands we work with and shop by furniture brand at the bottom of our shop page. 

Can I speak with an interior designer for advice?

Yes, we are onboarding interior designers onto our platform so that they are available for consultations and services on demand, at a very affordable price. This service is currently available only in select zip codes, but we will continue to add new locations over time.


How does Nestingale make money?

If you decide to purchase products and services on the platform, we earn a small fee from the manufacturers and suppliers.